Monday, October 28, 2013

Creatures link world, Halloween style?

I've decided to do a little creatures link world, and i've adopted a new pair of creatures link creatures and added lots norns from my other worlds into it! As usual, this is picture heavy.

So I started with a bunch of norns and a single ettin:

Abelke, a single female Temple norn

She came with the installation. I've always loved temple norns, and despite them being non-cfe, I had to play with them.

Her counterpart was Arwin, the male Temple norn who also comes with the installation!

Abyoa is the most interesting of them all, appearance-wise, personally. She's generation 43 and from a long-standing project.

Big Girl had to be included, I guess. After my installation of the temple norns her body sprite changed, and she's no longer very 'big', but she's still adorable.

Blemoofa, the child of the previous 'guest' creatures in a past creature's link world. I figured I might as well give their 'bloodline' a chance again.

A norn I painstakingly spliced to look like my concept of Culbri. His head floats, unfortunately. He needed a home that wasn't my export folder.

Donni. I have no idea where I got him from, but somehow, he's related to Big Girl's creation. I don't really remember what his generation was, but I think it was in the 30's. Probably non-cfe

Libbo. Her mother was an etting, and her father is one my 20hour+ norns. She wasn't naturally born - I had a connection to that ettin and bred her with one of the nearest males when she was close to dying of old age.

Akisa. Was created as part of a project, but found a loophole out of my system. Needed a home besides my export folder. She's a gen1 cfe ettin.

Apa is from the same world as Akisa and found the same loophole. He's a gen1 pink strawberry norn

Kimmy. I had to have her as my chosen female.

Niharen. I love deep norn crosses, especially ones who have only the legs and the feet!

I had another male at some point, Nylons - a cross between an old CFE civet norn and an ancient 20hour+ norn - but he died mysteriously a few minutes after import. Oh well.

Vise. Vise was from the same project as Abyoa, and lacks a lovely tail.

Now that introductions are over, let's get to the good stuff:

At some point, Arwin travelled to the teacup tree and freaked himself out. Eventually...

Libbo found him, and he was so addicted to the jack in a box I had to move it. They still paced around for 20 minutes, scared, afterwards.

 In the desert, Big Girl was having problems learning how to eat. I had to give her a little lesson, and then she was fine.

 Abyoa looks really cool with her nice, thick tail.
 She and Apa became friends, despite the fact that Pink Strawberry's tendency to run from everything.

Akisa took a liking to walking off of ledges, and wandered around aimlessly as ettins do.

 Vise spends the vast majority of her time traveling.

 Donni turned into a really pretty norn when he turned into an adolescent, but he was still by the muffin vendor. I moved the vendor and locked the door to the pod, and created some food for him. Within 30 seconds, Vise and Libbo tracked down the smell and hung out.

Niharen was hopelessly lost in the jungle. Abelke hung around, but always on the outskirts.

 Kimmy was horribly lonely in the meso, and as she's a creaturelink norn I wanted to give her a chance to mate, so I imported Tumibad, Blemoofaa's brother, who was around the same age as her at the time. She became pregnant about 20 minutes later, and the results were..

 Pumpkin and Lantern, and a pair of male ettins I hatched.  They're identical twins, right down to the pigment. Abelke became pregnant not soon after, but unfortunately the father wasn't Niharen, but Arwin, who had snuck into the jungle. I named their son 'King'. Pumpkin and Lantern are very slappy, presumably from their grendel 'heritage', and not soon after birth they and the ettins started a casualty-free war.

Libbo was the first norn to legitimately die. She did so right after meeting Big Girl for the first time. Big girl is around 40 minutes old here and still a baby- I guess she's immortal. After everyone becomes an elder i'll be transporting her  along with them into my retirement center, should she still be alive, to give my older norns a dash of young company. That's the best place for an immortal norn, after all.

That concludes my creatures business for today! I'll be uploading any babies that are born from CL norns onto Creatures Caves, and at the end of this, any non-related children i'll be uploading onto the Repository on a case-by-case basis.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Petz 4: Catz!

I felt the need to show off my kitties i've been raising (that I've bred or adopted, anyway), and to make another post, so here goes! As in the last two posts, these all up for adoption if they're not already downloadable - just leave a comment with your email in it or pop me an email at

This is tiger. Tiger is a tabby from the adoption center, and was originally adopted in Petz II. He has somewhat of a violent streak.

This is Nigella, and her kitten, Titizie. Nigella is a Chinchilla Tabby and you can get her here. Titzie has an Alley Cat personality, as far as I know.

This is Tittle, Titzie's father. He's an adoption center Alley Cat from Petz II and is always grumpy. He's probably one of my favorites.

This is Peckle. She was bred from an oriental longhair, a chinchilla tabby, an orange shorthair and a russian blue using a method found online, to test it's results. Despite being a mixed breed, I call her and her others Houscatz. I'm not sure what kind of personality she has, but she sometimes gets scared and dislikes being held.

This is Betti and Webster. Betti is an adoption center Moggie, and Webster is half Houscatz. Betti is also blind and has no tail. I hope to breed her again soon, as she has awesome colors i'd like to see passed on, especially her eyes.

This is Dariel the Houscatz, Webster's father. I thought the goofy glasses did him well. He seems to have a mostly orange shorthair appearance.

This is ScardeyCat, an adoption center Orange Shorthair originally from Petz II.

This is Binn, another Houscatz. She's very affectionate and has a lovely dark stripe color.

This is Booz, an adoption center Moggie. He's rather tiny for being a fresh adoption and I don't know alot about him.

This is Cyrodil and her kitten, Au Naturale. Both are Houscatz, and Au Naturale was a very unexpected random pregnancy. Shortly after this, I gave them both santa hats.

This is Abbie, Au Naturale's father, also a Houscatz. He is very sweet (generally) and doesn't mind being held.

This is Dinkleberg, Another Houscatz and also a female. She's very active and looks alot like an Oriental Tabby,

This is Gibber, Another Houscatz. He has nice white coloration going on. I don't know him very well.

This is Foof, an adopted Moggie. She's very playful and has an awesome tail. She also has the power to levitate.

This is Heinz Ketchup, another Houscatz. I intend to name his future child Heinz Mustard. He's the only Houscatz with this color.

This is Hilary and her kitten, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is a siamese mix, and  Hilary is an oriental longhair.

This is Sandy the Moggie. She minds her own buisiness, mostly.

This is Tickles the Moggie. Looks cooler than Sandy, but she's more reserved. Her and Foof don't get along.

And finally - Whisper. I'm really looking forward to breeding her and hopefully getting some nice blue color out of her offspring. She's an adoption center 'Sparkling Saphire'

... and my last picture: The cutest thing ever with my Dragondogz, Dracopup and Sprawl.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Petz 4!: What?

So, in my dragon project I had a dog I named 'What?' She was 4th generation and ended up all over my genepool.

I've decided to, after Madness's awesomeness, breed Sheepeater and Foxdragon together LOTS OF TIMES. Eight, in fact, NOT including Madness. Here are my results! This pair has a huge amount of variety between them

I use PetzA, as my game won't run without it.

Grl, Female
Puppy, Female
 Darle, Male
 Sprinkle, Male
 Mubz, Female
 Tizzie, Female
 Lazzy, Female
 Tommy, Female

As before, I'm willing to share these if asked, so drop your email below or send me a message at I'm pretty please with the results - no two are alike! I was expecting more scales to appear after Grl, but i'm not unhappy with it.

I also bred Growl, the lovechild of Bug and Tommy, out of curiousity of what his offspring would look like because they had the most similar colors. Here comes those green scales again..

This population is separate from my main population. They're kind of my own sub-breed I suppose and they're pretty fun to play with, being cool and unpredictable and all.

I might download another dragon breed and interbreed them, but I think keeping seperate 'hybridized' populations based on what the main hybrid is, is my best choice.